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The decision to seek counseling is taking the opportunity to engage in a process of growth with support, feedback and guidance. It signals an intention to move forward even when it’s challenging or scary.

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Even if you are chronically struggling in your relationship it is possible to reestablish a connection with each other enabling you both to feel safe, loved, valued and understood.

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There is no right or wrong way to feel after a traumatic event. Whether the event occurred recently or long ago, there are ways to help you work through your pain and fear.

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Women Struggling with Sexual Addiction

“Knowing you are a sex addict doesn’t mean you are bad or perverted or hopeless. It means you may have a disease, an obsession from which many have healed.” Patrick Carns

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Partners of Sexual Addicts

Are you experiencing the earthquake of betrayal and broken trust that occurs when you find out your spouse is compulsively watching pornography or sexually involved with others?

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Your decision to seek help and reach out is often the most difficult, but most rewarding, choice you can make. Counseling is a great way to move forward into deepening intimacy, more satisfying relationships and increased confidence.

As a professional Christian counselor I help you explore strategies enabling you to cope with difficult situations and experience your relationships in a richer and more satisfying way. There is great comfort in knowing that change is possible and you can learn how to live life fully and well.

Building from a foundation of a Christian worldview, I can help you find the balance between what in your life you want to change and what you want to accept.

No matter what brings you to counseling I will consider your personality, family, culture, faith and talents as they have much to do with the path of recovery that is taken. If you have been through loss, harm or rapid change I will help to give you a sense of reorientation and safety and to serve as a guide along your way to recovery in a confidential and safe environment.

I offer counseling for Individuals and Couples

I invite you, through our work together, to:

  • Heal from the consequences of trauma
  • Recover from sex and love addiction
  • Deal with anger, sadness, and anxiety
  • Discover how to move away from loneliness and move toward relationship
  • Recover from the damages of marital infidelity
  • Relieve struggles dealing with intimacy, communication or conflict in your marriage
  • Manage stress found in family or work place relationships
  • Define and maintain emotional boundaries
  • Understand and change codependency

I am a Certified EMDR Therapist.

I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT)

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International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy


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International Institute for Trauma Addiction Professionals