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Are you a woman whose partner is struggling with compulsive sexuality, serial infidelity, love addiction or pornography?

You are invited to join a weekly therapy/support group designed to gently guide you in understanding and validating the trauma of intimate betrayal and gain clarity on how to make the changes you desire. This is a therapist lead group; Shelley Bartels, a licensed mental health counselor and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist facilitates each session.

There are many benefits of joining a support group:

  • You realize you’re not alone
  • You can express your feelings and identify with one another in a safe non judgmental environment
  • This can be a place to learn effective coping skills
  • It’s a place where your self esteem and emotional strength can grow
  • A safe place to discover new patterns and responses

“...This is your story and it is centered around what has occurred, what is happening now, and what you need to help you move through the fear, anger, and uncertainty that results from a relationship with a sex addict. We guide you through a process that allows you to both share and explore your own narrative, fears, ambiguity, and hopes and discover the answers residing within you.”

Claudia Black author of Intimate Treason

If this sounds timely and important for you please call for details. (206) 271-9371

Tuesday evenings
7:15 – 8:45 p.m.
$55 per session
location: Edmonds