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Couples Counseling

Whether you are in a stable relationship that simply needs strengthening, or in a painful relationship that feels empty, I’m so glad you have decided to seek help.

I help couples identify and change the patterns that leave you feeling angry and misunderstood, leading to a more peaceful and healthy relationship. Couples often struggle with communication, parenting, in-laws, money, roles and responsibilities, household management, intimacy and sex, as well as the problem of growing apart and living in silence.

Happy Couple

I help you:

  • Learn skills to communicate better
  • Learn skills to resolve conflict
  • Rekindle passion
  • Heal hurts and wounds and practice forgiveness
  • Increase intimacy
  • Renew friendship
  • Deepen trust
  • Strengthen commitment to each other

I utilize a powerful model to address relationship distress called Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), which offers you a safe and collaborative environment and assistance in the following:

  • Recognizing repeating patterns of how you negatively interact
  • Accessing core emotions that drive your unhappiness, anxiety and unproductive behaviors
  • Using practical tools to help you break your cycle of hurtful arguing and fighting or of cool indifference
  • Developing new ways of relating and communicating

“Rather than individuating… and problem solving, couples need to feel emotionally safe, close, cherished and respected. Only then can they intertwine their hearts and souls and become one as God intended.”

Dr. Archibald Hart

Have you experienced infidelity?

Couples also come to me wanting to repair the damage caused by infidelity.

I can help you with the very human goal of sorting through the confusion and putting a name to all of the feelings you are both experiencing. I will assist you in negotiating a new path for your relationship. Often this means talking with each other about what was lost and learning how trust is rebuilt.

Infidelity in and of itself is not sex addiction. Sex addiction can be a hidden cause of symptoms of marital discord. If you believe your partner is acting out compulsively in sexual ways, click here.